Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer "Daycation" (part 1)

Last Monday, the hubster and I decided to take a "daycation" down to Sacramento, CA to have some fun. One reason we wanted to do this was that my family was going on their yearly summer trip down to Southern California, and we weren't able to join them this year due to our health issues. (Bummer, but we will make up for it when we get better!) Another reason was that we needed to get out of the house and have some fun together! So we opted for a day out of town doing the things we love to do: driving, walking around/shopping in Old Town (there are some really fun stores there!), getting Starbucks frappuccino's, going to the movies to see Harry Potter, and eating Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  Here is are some pictures from Part 1 of our fantastic day!

                                           The candy store we went to.
 The hubster, picking out his favorite candy, gummies :-)
Salt-water taffy. And lots of it.
 Some of the beautiful old buildings in "Old Town Sacramento".
 ... more buildings...
 Horse & carriage!
Mr. (or Mrs., I didn't check) Horse, and the "driver". I love horsies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our little adventure! I better get to bed, as it is almost 2 a.m. and I have to get up at 6:45 a.m. to get ready for church and singing/playing piano on our worship team. Hope my hubby gets me some type of caffeinated beverage in the morning, or I might be falling asleep right in the middle of a worship song! haha... Oh, and I tried to make the pictures a little bigger, but then they didn't fit inside the darn lines of the center of my blog, so I had to size them back down. :-( , someday I'll get the hang of this blog design stuff!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Juicy Summer Goodness

One of my favorite things about summer is the amazing fresh fruit it brings. My hubster and I have been eating lots of cantaloupe and watermelon this week, and (surprise!) I got it from the local grocery store, and it actually tasted good! It seems like it's so hard these days to get good tasting fruit without going to the local farmer's market- which I know is the best way to get it, but I usually don't have the energy to get up that early on Saturday mornings! Okay, I'll admit it, we do have one more local farmer's market on Thursday evenings, but it is usually crowded with rowdy high-school kids and more geared towards socializing than actual local produce, arts & crafts, clothing, etc. So if I had to choose, I would choose to get up early and go to the Saturday one, which has not happened yet in my lifetime!

One more reason why I like summer fruit so much is that there are only certain kinds of fresh fruit that I can eat. With the crohn's disease, my gut does NOT like fiber. And sadly, fruit is full of it. But, melons are one kind of fruit that are soft enough for me to eat! So I'm enjoying them a lot. Next up on our fruit list, honeydew! Wow, I can't believe I just wrote an entire post on melons. Someone around here needs to get a life!

So, what have you been eating lately? Any summer favorites?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I promise, I'm not this girl... (also, some good news!)

Promise!!! ;-) I saw this video today and HAD to post it. I told my husband that I would never become a crazy cat lady. If I was single, well, that might be another story... just kidding! So here's the good news:  I finally passed my latest kidney stone today! To say it was painful is an understatement. But, by God's grace, I didn't have to go to the emergency room for management of the pain. It is really nice to not have to go to the hospital every time... hospitals are not fun, unless you've just had a baby! Kidney stones are not cute, they don't look like mommy or daddy, and they definitely don't have cute little clothes to put on their tiny bodies. Hey, I'm not in too much pain now, it's okay to laugh! lol. Really though, I will spare all of the stone pictures and details in case there might be someone who doesn't want to see a stranger's kidney stone on her blog (and why wouldn't you wanna see that?!?!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's The Weekend!

Saturday + a long week + headache = sleeping almost all day, hubby picking up pizza for dinner, and movie watching at night! Even my kitties were lounging around with me- pictures below! Tomorrow, I will accomplish something. (Fingers crossed!)

                                           Leila, getting her free massage
              Louie resting on dad's back; he lays down in the funniest places!
                                   Louie again... upside-down on the couch.
                             Brother and sister stealing our spots on the couch.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Post

Hey all you people out there in BloggerLand! Or is it Bloggerville? Blogtown? As you may see, I am very new to this "blogging" thing. But, I got hooked once I started reading so many interesting, cute, funny, and encouraging blogs from different women near and far. So, I am attempting to put one together myself so I can share in the fun! I will keep this short since this is my first post.

Today was rough, I will be honest and say that the last few months have been challenging for my husband Alex and me. We've been battling lots of health issues lately. He is fighting chronic migraines, and I have been dealing with various issues, the foremost being my crohn's disease, my back problems, and chronic kidney stones (and of course my kidneys decided to start passing one today... BOO kidney stones!) Whoever said passing kidney stones are as painful as childbirth, well, I wouldn't know because I haven't given birth, but if anyone has had both, let me know! Then I can say I've pretty much given birth over 15 times! haha.

Well, I must go take a late shower, but I hope to figure out how to improve the look of my little nest on this big space of the web, so if you have any advice, please, please write me a comment or e-mail me and let me know! Thanks everyone!